1200w grid tie inverter 28v/220v

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1200w grid tie inverter DC28-52V to AC 220V


sometimes, if you are using some heaving appliance like motor, enginee, cause the voltage up down very fast,in this moment, big amp will come into the grid inverter, easy to cause the ac mos burned, so surge protector will cut down by itself to protect the grid inverter.

B. lightning protection:

you may have experience, when meet the big lightning, the power source of the home appliance may damage,same reason, will also cause the inverter damage, in this moment the lightining protection can release thousand voltage to protect the inverter not damage.


now we put ac fuse outside, each inverter will come our special ac fuse, this will be broken1mini/sec, to make sure high voltage spike come in!



       Features         Specifications

1.idea for power jack

The inverter can be connected to any outlet at home, when this line run by the conventional electric network. The inverter IC will monitors the volume, frequency and phase of the home grid, then produce a pure sine wave that the frequency and phase will be match the grid's, and the volume will be higher than the grid's, then according to our current controlled PWM, to control the output power to the grid. The inverter will puts out power when the home grid is on.

2. why use power jack grid tie inverter?

when you use solar panel through inverter, your home power meter will reduce the speed(if you are using other electric appliances), or your home power meter will backward(if you are not use any appliances)

3. difference of power jack grid tie inverter

traditional inverter is the solar panel are connect in series, so if one solar panel did not work or bad efficiency, then the whole system will be effects, but power jack inverter, you can use every inverter in parallel, in this moment, each inverter has it's own MPPT, can make every solar panel got the max power.

4. island protection

power jack inverter has 3greens light, when the charge fucntion is normal, then this 3lights will turn on, but if there are not dc sources(like in the night, no sun shine or raining day), the red led light will turn on, the inverter will stop to work, in this moment, the inverter will close the door, the home grid power will not back to inverter.


Power Jack

Item No.


Continuous Output Power


Output Wave Form


DC Input Voltage

DC 28 Volt – 52 Volt(solar panel)

AC Output Voltage

AC 220v


50 or 60Hz



No Load current Draw




Temperature Protection

55C ± 5




Dimensions (L x W x H /cm) 36*22*8CM
Certificate CE
Components Made in Taiwan
Design Taiwan
1200w GT DC28-52V to AC220V

Why choice Power Jack Inverter?

1. Power Jack creat on 2002, in the begining is design & manufacturer of the Power Inverter
    from 200w to 2000w modified inverter,
    2005, new type, from 3000w to 10,000w.
    2008, pure sine wave power inverter, 500w to 8000w.
    2009, Grid Tie Inverter for solar panel & wind turbine, from 300w to 5000w.
    During this 10 more years, Power Jack is continue to R & D the power inverter series
    product, every year has new type to improve the efficiency & Quality.
2. Now 90% power inverter in the world is come from china, including the major key
    components, some of the key parts like IC, 
    mos-fet, capacity are using recycle or B grade mos(resistor will be very high), easy to cause
    the inverter heating & when load the heavy duty appliance, inverter damage very easily!
    Power Jack now also manufacturer in China, however there is the difference as follows:
    a. mos-fet come from USA & Germany, not make in China or B Grade mos.
    b. the choke for transformer is made in Korea, not in China, bring high effeciency & not easy
    get heat.
    c. capacity is the brand new made in Taiwan not recycle or made in China, will not burned
    very easily.
    d. factory manager is come from Taiwan with high strick quality knowledge.
3. Power Jack has own warehouse in USA, GERMANY, Australia, U.K, China, after enter the
    order, 5-7 delivery, sometimes is faster than local service.
4. Power Jack is directly factory to end customer, no improter, whole sale, reseller, offer the
    competitive price to our customer.

Warranty :

Within 7 days(based on the delivery data)

Repair fee all free.Buyer return the insdie board with the cheapest postage,we'll cover for the return postage and resend a whole replacement by our charger.Or we can send parts for repair
1Month to 6 Months(based on the purchase data)
Return for replacement,buyer pay for the return postage,we pay for resend postage
6 Months to 1 year(based on the purchase data)
Free repaire,buyer pay for return postage and resend postage
1 year to 2 year(base on the purchase data)
Repaire charger, buyer pay for return postage and resend postage